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UnbugQA is building an ecosystem for Software Technology companies to find, hire, and work with some of the best Quality Assurance Engineers in the tech world.

Our budding infrastructure will power the future of hiring and engaging QA Engineers, optimising the process for both the companies building game changing software products and the QA Engineers who will come onboard to help ensure the products are built to the best quality.

To power the future of work in tech, we are also laying down groundwork for a Software Testing Academy where young people can kick off their career in tech via a comprehensive Software Testing course. This academy will train and prepare future generations of QA Engineers with the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

Our Mission

UnbugQA will function as the connector between young Software Technology companies and QA Engineers. We want to power an ecosystem where CEOs can build lean teams to drive their software development projects. We want to help software technology companies eliminate the tedious processes they have to go through every time they need to hire QA Engineers while also making it easier for the QA Engineers to get hired.

Our Culture

We operate a fair and transparent system that is inclusive and designed for ease. While helping QA Engineers find high quality jobs in tech and Software technology companies find high quality talent, we are also building a community where growth can be fostered among QA Engineers.

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