Become a world-class QA Engineer in 6 Months

Accelerate your journey to becoming a world-class QA engineer with our 6-months training course. Learn from the best and become an expert in different software testing methodologies and practices

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Globally verified curriculum

Our curriculum is verified by QA Engineering team leads globally, and is specially curated to teach you everything you need to thrive and succeed as a QA Engineer. Below is a sneak peek at some of the things you’ll learn.

Registration has closed for cohort 1. Apply to join our next cohort!!!​

We built our program to help you become the best you!

1. Built with a peer-to-peer learning approach

We know learning alone can be hard and sometimes daunting, that’s why we’ve decided to take this approach. You will be grouped with 2 other persons who will be your learning partners for the entirety of the program. You will take on tasks, assessments, and projects together. This would also build your teamwork and collaboration skill.

2. Learning Portal

Our learning portal gives you an exceptional and satisfying learning experience by marrying tailored educational content presentation with self-paced learning.

Its design and overall usability make it perfect for you to learn at a world-class standard. It is the result of the diligent and collaborative work of our academy team, our developers, our designers, our content creators and our international partners.

3. Job preparation & Certification

Our program is specially designed to train you from total beginner to intermediate level and to lay the foundation for you to become a Senior QA Engineer over time.

We are intentional about every course, assessment and project given to ensure you have enough in your portfolio to secure a job. We will also train candidates for a month on how to secure their first job and ensure every student have their portfolio pages designed and set up. Students get a certificate of completion after completing the program which they can showcase on their resumes and Linkedin pages

4. Learning schedule

We believe a truly immersive experience will help you get the best out of our program, that’s why we set up a learning schedule.

Every day you’ll be required to collaborate with your learning partners. Each week you’ll attempt assessments and at the end of every month you’d be asked to complete a project. We estimate you’d complete at least 16 assessment and 5 projects, before the end of your program

Join us and take advantage of the many opportunities available

Registration has closed for cohort 1. Apply to join our next cohort!!!​

How it works

1. Kick-off application

Before starting your application, please read the FAQ below. You start your application by clicking on the “Apply to join” button and then proceeding to make payment for your first month. You’d then be given details on how to proceed.

2. Classes begin

Students will be invited to the learning platform 2 days before classes. They will then go through a basic onboarding process. Next is a 5-months intensive training using our world-class curriculum. During which students will take on different assessments and projects.

3. Job Preparation and Placement

After 5 months of training, talents go through 1 month of job interview preparations. Students then have the option of applying to join our talent pool if they want.

Academy tuition

($300 for 6 months)

Invest $50 per month for the next 6 months in your future and let us  handle the task of training you to be the best. You can spread the payment per month or pay for multiple months at once.

Registration has closed for cohort 1. Apply to join our next cohort!!!​

Frequently asked questions

QA Engineers in Nigeria can earn from between 150,000 naira (Entry level) to 800,000 naira (Senior level) per month. International hires can range from around $1,500 (Entry level) to $6,000 (Senior level) per month.
This program was designed for complete beginners. You don’t you need any prior experience of any sort. Just come prepared to learn.
Not at all, the program is designed to beyond basic entry level requirements. We advised entry level QA Engineers to join, especially to learn QA automation frameworks.
You need to be willing to commit at least 15 hours (3 hours per day) per week to get the best out of this program.
Our program is fully remote, this means you can take our courses from anywhere in the world. With our learning portal, you also have access to your course lesson anytime and can learn self-paced. We host 2 live mentor sessions every week to ensure students get to interact with the mentors real-time.
Yes, certain programs will requires will require you to write code, especially our Test automation program. But no worries, we’ve ensured they are beginner friendly.
Your learning partners are the two other persons who will be paired with you for the duration of your program. We’re taking this approach to built your collaboration skills.
We believe every student deserves to be treated equally with respect, that’s why we’ve compiled a guideline every of our students must follow. See it here
You need a laptop, internet access and a ready mind to get the best out of your learning experience
Payment are to be made before the next learning months. Students can also make all the payments at once.
Yes! There’s a payment option to allow you make payment in Naira at a fixed rate of 600 naira to $1 (Due to the parallel market rate)
We want to provide our students with the best learning experience based on our available resources, that’s why we’re limiting the number of students that join this first cohort.
Yes you get a certificate of completion that you can add to your profile.
Our program is open to students from different parts of the world. We plan to be as inclusive as possible

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