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Tell the world about how UnbugQA makes hiring QA Engineers a lot easier and earn money while doing so.

How it works

Become an UnbugQA Affiliate and start earning with these 3 easy steps

1. Create your account

Click the button below, fill in your details and you’ll be registered as an UnbugQA Affiliate. You’ll also get a unique referral link.

2. Spread the word

Share your referral link with your circle via different platforms. We’ll support you every step of the way.

3. Earn up to $100

For each company that sign ups via your link and hires a QA Engineer, you get up to $100 while they get 10% off their first month.

UnbugQA can help businesses with:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What counts as a successful referral?​

A referral is successful when the company you referred makes a QA Talent request via your referral link and proceeds to hire from us. Companies that request via your link but don’t end up hiring don’t count as a successful referral. You’ll get notified and see it on your affiliate dashboard when a referral is successful.

2. Is there a deadline for successful referral?

Yes. Only companies that hire within the first 2 months of being referred will be counted as a referral for you. So there’s a deadline of 2 months from the time a company signs up via your referral link.

3. What if two or more persons refer same company?

Our program is setup is such a way that it doesn’t allow same company to be referred by multiple persons. You can reach out to us to learn how it works.

4. How will I get paid?

Upon a successful referral, you’ll be notified to submit your preferred settlement account. You’ll get paid 1 month after the hire has started. You get a one time fee of up to $100 per successful referral.

5. Can I earn more?

Absolutely! You can earn up to $300 when you successfully refer a company outside Nigeria. We seek to encourage international hires as much as possible.

6. Can I earn less?

Yes, there are scenarios where you can earn less than $100.  We have reward tiers based on the profit value of each hire. For more clarity, you can reach out to our support team via hello@unbugqa.com and we will provide you with more details on this.

7. How many companies can I refer?

The sky is not a limit! Refer as many companies as possible and earn with each successful referral.

8. How will UnbugQA help me?

Our support team will onboard you properly on the best practices and  provide you with the creatives you need for a successful referral.

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